Virtual Tabletop Tools

Roll 20
Free virtual tabletop. Additional functionality with subscription.

Fantasy Ground
Virtual tabletop with fully integrated, officially licensed D&D material. Content must be purchased.

DnD Beyond
Offical D&D online tool set. Character builder, campaign manager, and homebrew creator. Content found in the Player’s Handbook is free to use, other content must be purchased.

Free to use voice chat. Make your own server or join another. Includes webcam functionality.

Avrae Discord Bot
Discord bot with dice roller, character sheet integration, and initiative tracking.

Rythm Discord Bot
Free to use Discord bot for all your ambient music needs.

Realtime character sheet tracker. Integrates nicely with Avrae.

Shmeppy – Online Wet Erase Map
Quickly create simple, realtime battlemaps for your online gaming needs.