Random Generators

donjon; RPG Tools
The ultimate one stop resource for random generators.

Kobold Fight Club
Comprehensive combat encounter generator.

NPC Generator
Quickly create NPCs with stats, traits, and a unique hook.

FaNG – Fantasy Name Generator
Random names for NPCs, towns, factions, and more at your literal fingertips. Android mobile app. I have this open at every gaming session. Makes it easy to avoid a “Boblin the Goblin” scenario.

Fantasy Name Generators
A myriad of options for naming inspiration.

RPG Market Generator
Create a town’s worth of shops complete with inventory, and NPCs!

RPG Tinker
Quickly roll up NPC stat blocks based upon customizable criteria.

Tavern Generator
Creates a detailed tavern on the fly including its history.

The Randon Cave Map Creator
Creates a cave, and does it fast.

City Map Generator
Make village, town, or city layout.