Welcome to DM’s Toolkit

A compilation of resources to help you run your game the easy way.


https://donjon.bin.sh/ – Many great tools. Spell lists, magic items, treasure, monsters, etc.

https://kobold.club/fight/ – Combat encounter generator. Allows you to select from different source materials, official and 3rd party.

RPG Market Generator – Randomly generates shops, inventory, and NPCs. Created by u/Aradreth_81.

NPC Generator – A generator that includes, stats, traits, and a hook.

Tavern Generator – Everything you need to make a tavern on the fly.

Adventure Lookup – Categorized database of published adventures.

Matt Colville’s Running the Game – A treasure trove of good information for new Dungeon Masters.

The Angry GM – Lots of great articles to get the most out of your game.

DM’s Guild & Drive Thru RPG – Official Wizard’s of the Coast websites for 3rd party content.

5 Room Dungeon – A guide to building a 5 room dungeon that is simple, effective, and unique.

DnD Speak – Categorized lists of everything to add to your campaign. Add your own content at r/d100.

Table of Tables – Random tables, courtesy of r/BehindTheTables.

Cheat Sheets – Collection of cheat sheets. The combat sheet is particularly useful to hand out to your players.

Shop Catalog – Different inventories based on shop type, size of town, costs etc. Created by u/jrobharing.