Getting Started

SRD 5e – The System Reference Document are the “free” rules released by Wizard’s of the Coast. Find out more about the SRD and what it can be used for here. – A nicely categorized and easy reference for the SRD 5e.

OneNote SRD5 – This is a compilation of the SRD5 rule book for use with OneNote.

Matt Colville’s Running the Game – Matt Colville’s series “Runing the game” is a treasure trove of good information for new Dungeon Masters.



Cheap & Effective DM Screen

  1. Landscape Binder
  2. Binder Clips
  3. Cheat Sheets

I wasn’t satisfied with the information on the available DM screens so I made my own. 2 landscape style binders (regular ones could work as well), printed cheat sheets, attach them with a few binder clips and you have a large, cheap and effective DM screen that’s completely customizable with the content you need at a glance. It isn’t going to be winning any beauty contests as is but I’ll take function over form any day.

Polyhedral Dice Set – A set of 7 different colored dice sets for cheap. More dice than you’ll need to get started!


Starting Guides

New DM Handbook: Starting Your Adventure – Handy tips for beginning an adventure.

5 Room Dungeon – A guide to building a 5 room dungeon that is simple, effective, and unique.