For The Players

RPGBuddy – Track your character, initiative, and custom encounters!

Point Buy Calculator – Easily build your attributes with “Point Buy” rules instead of rolling for attributes.

Dice Roller – Online dice roller.

Character Sheets

More Purple More Better’s Character Sheet – Fully automated character sheet that contains all official content, as well as Unearthed Arcana. Content is toggle-able.

Form Fillable 5e Character Sheet – A character sheet in a form fillable PDF format that stays true to the original look. Made by u/supersonic159.

New Player Friendly Character Sheet – A character sheet that may be more friendly to people new to D&D.


Quick References

Bogsy’s Magical Scrolls – Mobile friendly website to lookup and manage spells.

Cheat Sheets – Collection of cheat sheets. The combat sheet is particularly useful to hand out to your players.

Character Creation Cheat Sheet – Cheat sheet for character creation steps.

D&D Micro Instructions – Condensed rules for your players to reference. Created by u/otown_in_the_hotown.

OneNote SRD5 – This is a compilation of the SRD5 rule book for use with OneNote.