Dungeon Masters

Adventure Lookup – Categorized database of published adventures.

Dice Roller – Online dice roller.

D&D Beyond – Official “digital resource”. Features a player character builder, content library, and homebrew creation tool. Anything beyond the Player’s Handbook content must be purchased.


Quick References

Bogsy’s Magical Scrolls – Mobile friendly website to lookup and manage spells.

Browser Based 5e DM Screen – Online “DM Screen” reference.

Cheat Sheets – Collection of cheat sheets. The combat sheet is particularly useful to hand out to your players.

Damage Type Descriptions – Cheat sheet of descriptions by damage type.


Campaign Management

OneNote – A powerful, cross platform note management tool.

EverNote – An alternative to OneNote.

OneNote SRD5 – This is a compilation of the SRD5 rule book for use with OneNote.

OneNote Character Sheet – A nice character sheet to keep track of your player’s for use with OneNote. Made by u/toppins.

RPGBuddy – Track your character, initiative, and custom encounters!

GM Binder – A tool to create and manage your game documents.

Fantasy Calendar – A simple, but effective calendar to help keep track of the passage of time in your campaign. Made by u/domogrue.

Aglet Timekeeper – Simple, browser based time tracker.





Player Interest Survey – Gauge what your players are looking for in their tabletop experience.

The Same Page Tool – A questionnaire that can help create a cohesive campaign with players and DMs all being on the same page.