Encounters & Plot Hooks

Adventure Lookup – Categorized database of premade adventures.

How to Build F$&%ing Awesome Encounters! – Angry DM’s guide on building encounters. Must read.


Encounter Ideas & Hooks

Envrionment Specific D20 Encounters – Random wilderness encounters organized by terrain type.

100 Plot Hooks in the Giant’s Eye – 100 different plot hooks.

D100 Side Quest Hooks – Side quest ideas

100 Shitty Plot Hooks, Part 2, & Part 3 – 300 not so shitty plot hooks.

Town Encounters and Part 2 – Encounter ideas for an urban setting.

100 Town Notice Board – 100 mission ideas for a notice board.

Travel Sights – Encounters while traveling.

100 Vignettes, encounters, and bits of color – 100 ideas to breathe some life into a few different scenarios.

The Hexenbracken – A hex map with encounters/creatures that are occupying each hex. Great ideas and inspiration.



Mysterious Monuments – 60 dungeon puzzles by u/GelatinousDude.

Sphinx D100 Puzzles and Riddles – 100 riddles compiled by u/lostkavi.

The Great Big Random d100 of Curses – 100 curse ideas!