Blood Hunter – “Between the martial pursuits of a warrior, and the long-forgotten secrets of blood magic, lies a sect of hunters that sacrifice their own vitality and humanity to protect the realms.” Matt Mercer’s custom class, become the beast to destroy it! Check out the Order of the Lycan subclass as well.

Spellbinder – “Spellbinders bring fear to all beings who exploit magic, be they a devil, lich or even a power-hungry mage. They are cunning, vigilant and incredibly tenacious.” A spellsword like class dedicated to bringing those who abuse magic to heel.

Shaman – “Shamans serve as intermediaries between the mortal world and the realms of spirits, called by the spirits to speak for them among mortals. These spirits come in a variety of forms, ranging from elemental nature spirits to the souls of fallen ancestors, and often take on animalistic shapes. While most shamans revere the spirits for which they speak, they rarely worship them outright. More often, a shaman negotiates with the spirits, being granted power both as a means to fulfill the spirits’ needs and as a reward for doing so.” A shaman class that is well regarded. Looks like a major revision is in the works so stay tuned!

EN5ider – Creator of the 3rd party book, A Touch of Class. A player in my campaign is currently playing as an Alchemist and so far it looks good!

*Note: Unless stated otherwise I have not play tested these, or has anyone in my home campaign. These are generally considered good homebrew classes that are well balanced, unique, and fun to play.