r/battlemaps – Find and share battlemaps.

Matt’s Massive Map Menagerie – Google Drive dump of battlemaps and different mapping assets.

Imgur Map Album – An album of maps!

Dungeon Channel Map Collection – Some free maps and other assets.

Forgotten Adventuresu/Stryxin‘s Patreon page. Makes high quality maps available for free with additional content available to his supporters. Here is a free archive of his older maps, and his imgur where he puts all his free content available on Patreon.

Syrkres – Patreon page of great maps.

Blue Sword Games – Patreon page of high quality maps and assets available to anyone. Additional content available to supporters.

MapHammer – Patreon page, most content locked for non-supporters. Extremely high quality work!

Elven Tower – Patreon that creates full adventures and battlemaps to go with them. Most content is locked for non-supporters.

Printing Battle Maps to a 1″ Scale – How to print battle maps with a 1 inch grid. Instructions are for Photoshop but easily works with GIMP.