Adding music to your tabletop is the easiest and most bang for your buck way to add atmosphere to your campaign and keep your player’s immersed in the moment. Grab a pair of computer speakers that work for you, hook them up your laptop, phone, tablet, whatever and get jammin’.

Bezoing’s YouTube Music Playlist – Incredible compilation of music for all kinds of situations. Available in Spotify as well.

Tabletop Audio – Great ambient audio to give your campaign some atmosphere.

Dungeons and Dankertons – Animated YouTube playlist of ambient music for a visually stimulating experience.

My Enormous Playlist Collection – Spotify playlists.

Free Sound dot org – General sound effects!

The Importance of Music for D&D – A guide to music and D&D.



D&D 5th Edition Monster Cards – Contains every monster available in the SRD and OGL, complete with form fillable template to make your own.

Printable Spell Cards – All SRD5e spells in printable PDF with ReadMe and templates to make more. Made by u/nBeebz. Scanned with ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

Paul Weber’s Material Catalog – Printable cards for just about… everything. See the final result here.

Critical Hit/Fumble Cards – Add some flavor your natty 20s and 1s with these cards. Great artowrk.

Worn Map – Step-by-step tutorial on making a map that has seen better days. Made by Bad Munki over at the Something Awful forums.