How to Make 1″ Tokens – Guide to making creature tokens for your battlemaps.


Tabletop – Craft your own custom mini and they 3D print it for you. Lots of options and materials to choose from.

Printable Heroes – Free, aesthetically pleasing printable tokens you can use for your tabletop. Check out the Patreon as well!

Paizo’s Bestiary Box – Paizo’s first box, great value. Seems to go in and out of print. Even though it’s for Pathfinder this box is loaded with common Dungeons & Dragons monsters. Check out it’s contents.

Reaper Bones – About the cheapest plastic minis you’ll find that are still good quality. Their base isn’t a standard 1″ so be aware.



Monster Manual Round Tokens – An album of 370+ monsters. Here is the template you can use to make your own.

DnD Noobie’s Square Token Pack – Almost 500 square tokens! YOWZERS!

More Square Tokens – Yep, more square tokens.

NPC Tokens – Over 900 NPC tokens.

Devin Night – Free pack 1 through 20 of Devin Night’s tokens.

Sprites – Humanoid sprites.

Other Sprites – Misc sprites.