Sub Reddits

r/DnDBehindTheScreen – The most valuable DnD source of information on the net!

r/DMAcademy – For general DM questions.

DndAdventureWriter – Fine tune your adventure ideas with the help of others.

r/DMToolkit – Place to find and share DM tools. We are not affiliated with this subreddit, but highly encourage you to check it out!

r/d100 – Lists of all kinds of things. Great to use for inspiration or the fly while playing.

r/BehindTheTables – Random tables!

r/worldbuilding – World building subreddit.

r/battlemaps – Find and share battlemaps.

r/UnearthedArcana – For homebrewed classes, spells, races etc.

r/DnD – The DnD Reddit page.

r/dndnext – Dnd Reddit page focused on 5e.

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