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Stepping into the shoes of a Dungeon Master can be a daunting and difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be as challenging as most believe. Here at DM’s Toolkit we aim to help new and experienced DMs alike run a successful game—the easy way.


Getting Started

The Fifth Edition System Reference Document. This has everything you need to start your adventure as a Dungeon Master or a player and it’s free! An easy to use wiki can be found here.

Lost Mines of Phandelver
The starter set for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. Comes with an adventure that takes players to level 5, basic rules, a set of polyhedral dice, as well as pregenerated characters.

Character Sheets
Official D&D 5e character sheets. Includes a form fillable PDF as well. Also recommended to check out this alternative character sheet that lists the skills under their respective abilities.

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Random Generators

donjon; RPG Tools
The ultimate one stop resource for random generators.

Kobold Fight Club
Comprehensive combat encounter generator. Roll combat encounters based on party number and level, CR range, location, monster type, etc.

NPC Generator
Quickly create NPCs with stats, traits, and a unique hook.

FaNG – Fantasy Name Generator
Random names for NPCs, towns, factions, and more at your literal fingertips. Android mobile app. I have this open at every gaming session. Makes it easy to avoid a “Boblin the Goblin” scenario.

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Curated Spotify Playlist
Created by u/bezoing. A lot of love and hard work went into creating this playlist and the quality and breadth shows it. Something as simple as using a Bluetooth speaker paired with your phone can create an incredible amount of atmosphere, tension, and immersion at the table. Having ambient sounds and music will take your game to the next level.

Material Catalog
Printable cards for just about everything. Equipment, magic items, spell slots and more. You can see the final result here.

D&D 5th Edition Monster Cards
Filled out cards for every creature included in the SRD5e, with a form fillable PDF to customize your own.

Notice Board
A modular notice board! Give you starting quests some more oomf by letting your players pick them with this fully modular asset pack.

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Virtual Tabletop

Roll 20
Free virtual tabletop. Additional functionality with subscription.

Fantasy Grounds
Virtual tabletop with fully integrated, officially licensed D&D material. Content must be purchased.

DnD Beyond
Offical D&D online tool set. Character builder, campaign manager, and homebrew creator. Content from the Player’s Handbook is free to use, other content must be purchased.

Free to use voice chat. Make your own server or join another. Includes webcam functionality.

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